Moderate Skill Level
Small dart frog
Quiet call during the day
Best in pairs
2 frogs / 10 gallon
Being a Ranitomeya, Fantastica stay fairly small. Unlike most thumbnail dart frogs, Fantastic True Nominal are terrestrial and prefer more spave horrizontally than vertically. At Dc Exotics we have had most success allowing the frogs to maintain their eggs until a tadpole is deposited for removal. 
10g bioactive terrarium/pair
Whatever light is necessary for plant health. Dart frogs do not require UVB lighting. Remember to keep enclosure temps below 80 at all times. Over heating can lead to a quick death.
Fruit flies, springtails, and small Isopods should all be a constant staple in your 

Ranitomeya Fantastica True Nominal breeding pair