Froglets 1-3 months out of water Great for beginnersDecent sized dart frogLoud call during the dayDo great in groups2 frogs / 10 gallon Phyllobates Terribilis is one of the, if not the single most boldest frogs in the dart frog community. Originally from Brazil, these frogs are amongst the most toxic animals in the world in the wild. Luckily, as in all dart frogs, toxins are derived from their native diet and are non toxic in captivity. Phylobates Terribilis are a great group frog, and even seem to thrive in groups. These frogs rarely hide, and will keep you on your toes as they will quickly learn their feeding schedule as they stare at you from across the room. With a listed status of endangered, it is vitally important to protect this species, and to fight to ensure the survival of its habitats for generations to come.  Habitat:10g bioactive terrarium/pair Temps:65F-75F Lighting: Whatever light is necessary for plant health. Dart frogs do not require UVB lighting. Remember to keep enclosure temps below 80 at all times. Over heating can lead to a quick death. Food: Fruit flies, springtails, and small Isopods should all be a constant staple in your frogs diet.

Phyllobates Terribilis "Orange"