1.1 Breeding adults

Moderate Skill Level

Small dart frog

Quiet call during the day

Best in pairs

2 frogs / 10 gallon vertical

Pumilio stay fairly small. Like most smaller dart frogs, Pumilio will prefer a habit with plenty of vertical space. Pumilio are obligate breeders/feeders. Meaning that the offspring require care from its parents until it has left the water and begins eating live prey. The Female will deposit infertile eggs for the tadpole to eat until it leaves the water. Because of this process, Oophaga will not produce as many offspring as a species such as Auratus or Terribilis resulting in a more rare higher valued frog. This process although time consuming is very rewarding and is a experience that should be had by any frog breeder.



10g bioactive vertical terrarium/pair







Whatever light is necessary for plant health. Dart frogs do not require UVB lighting. Remember to keep enclosure temps below 80 at all times. Over heating can lead to a quick death.




Fruit flies, springtails, and small Isopods should all be a constant staple in your

Oophaga Pumilio Las Tablas Breeding Pair