Great for beginners Stay fairly small Nice loud call during the day Good in groups 3 frogs / 10 gallon Epipedobates Anthonyi Santa Isabel is a small species of dart frog naturally found in Ecuador. Being as they are ferocious eaters, Santa Isabels reach sexual maturity fairly quick and will produce fairly large clutches of eggs. We have seen clutches that reach 15-20 eggs sometimes as frequent as once per month. Eggs are usually best kept by the parents, with tadpoles being deposited in water cups for later collection. Tadpoles do fairly well in groups if well fed. We have not experienced cannabalism in wel fed groups. We have found that these frogs do not mind living in groups as long as adequate space is provided.



10g bioactive terrarium/pair



65F-75FLighting:Whatever light is necessary for plant health. Dart frogs do not require UVB lighting. Remember to keep enclosure temps below 80 at all times. Over heating can lead to a quick death.



fruit flies, springtails, and small Isopods should all be a constant staple in your frogs diet.

Epipedobates Santa Isabel Adult Females