Juvinile/sub adults 6-8 months out of water.


Intermediate skill level

Stay fairly small(up to 20mm)

Quiet call during the day

Best kept in groups

2 frogs / 10 gallons


Adelphobates quinquevittatus is a beautiful species of dart frog naturally found in the lowland forests of Brazil and Bolivia. With their spotted orange legs and pin striped pattern, quinquevittatus is sure to snag the eye of anyone in their presence. Adelphobates quinquevittatus reach sexual maturity around 12 months out of water. These frogs are known to breed near Brazil nut trees. The shells of collected Brazil nuts act as a reservoir for rain water, in which quinquevittatus tadpoles are deposited. These frogs live on the ground, but do climb on fallen vegetation up to 2m high. Like most Adelphobates, these frogs tend to do better breeding in groups. Sure to be a great edition to any Dart Frog collection.



10g+ bioactive terrarium/pair+. Decorated with multiple stories for the frogs to utilize.






Whatever light is necessary for plant health. Dart frogs do not require UVB lighting. Remember to keep enclosure temps below 80 at all times. Over heating can lead to a quick death.



Fruit flies, springtails, and small Isopods should all be a constant staple in your frogs diet. Calcium at every feeding and vitamin A on top of the calcium twice per month.

Adelphobates Quinquevittatus sub adults